About Us

Welcome to the Holy Trails

For hundreds of years Peru holds the biggest web of trails in one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world, The Andes. Since 2002 our trail exploration roots have only run deeper parallel with our passion to share the best selection of trails.

Experience Peru, a TOP MTB destination. Expect endless single tracks (up to 2500 years old) mixed with plenty of cultural experiences. Ride passing by people in their communities doing their daily tasks like the Incas did. Ride the same trails people use to get to their agricultural fields or growing terraces called “Andenes”. Expect meeting locals in remote communities or in the middle of the trail. Witness how Peruvians still move their free cattle, weave from the wool their own animals provide and buying some gifts made with this wool all this on epic rides that will make you re define the word FLOW.

Have a taste of the world famous Peruvian cuisine with our unique Gourmet Picnic Lunch, our box lunches, and our special lunches. Don’t miss Machupicchu one of the 7 world wonders and many other activities that will make you live this mountain bike adventure to absolute fullest.

Holy Trails is a professional group of guides advocated to re discovering and restoring trails for MTB purposes. We are located both in Lima and Cusco (Sacred Valley) with gear (bikes, shuttle, riding gear) on both locations. We take small details seriously. Of course we have our very own GEAR check it out


Christian Escobar Age: 33

Born in Lima and riding since he is 14 years old. Christian has been a DH racer for many years and has collected some National DH titles. Now he is fascinated with riding long trails that start next to glaciers.

Juan Manuel Saracco Age: 37

“Juancho” started biking only 5 years ago and is totally in love with MTB. He definitely is our guide riding the most kms a year. Juan has a perfect english and loves bike mechanics.

Hans Martin de Rossi Age: 45

Hans is a Pioneer of MTB in Cusco and cofounder of Holy Trails. He lives in our favorite place on earth, The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco. Hans is constantly exploring and riding Paradise. A background in tourism and a fluid english makes him our main man at Cusco.

Diego Sarmiento Age: 36

Diego “Pacifico” is our main man and has been riding since 1996. On 2002 he started Racing Downhill and has collected several national titles. Founded Holy Trails in 2002. Diego has discovered and restored 2 of our secret trails and has been organizing Santisimo Downhill an iconic race for 9 years; also owner and operator of BIKESHOP.


Bikes for rent

We are proudly partnered with Cycles DEVINCI to deliver what we consider the best bike rental. Rents start at $65 a day, expect tidy bikes and top notch riding gear.

Devinci Spartan GX Medium - Cusco
Devinci Spartan GX Large - Cusco
Devinci Troy GX Large - Lima


We proudly present our very own shuttles.

Our van is equipped with 4 skid plates, full ac and a very unique roof rack that can hold up to 11 bikes.


The most versatile shuttle we have. Perfect for small groups, holds up to 5 bikes. This 4x4 is an off-road beast that will take the riders to the top of any mountain. It is equipped with off road shocks, 3 skids plates and a Thule roof box to keep the luggage clean. We also added some hooks to be able to tie up correctly all bikes.


The most versatile shuttle we have. Perfect for small groups, holds up to 5 bikes. This 4x4 is an off-road beast that will take the riders to the top of any mountain. This diesel engine machine is unstoppable.


Better than winning a race is finding a new trail or rediscovering and old trail and plan a restoration project. We have years searching for our Holy Trails and some of the trails we find have been abandoned and replaced by development, others have been damaged by heavy rains. Since 2009 we started to work with local high-land communities close to the Sacred Valley, together we have built 6 DH race tracks and restored 2 very unique trails.

LA MAXIMA SECRET TRAIL took us 3 expeditions to find the right trail, each expedition was a 7-8 hours hike and bike passing through years of grown up vegetation and took months to finish the work. We are now proud to share our 16 km ride with a 1,600-meter drop.

FAIRWAY TO HEAVEN SECRET TRAIL is a trail that starts very close to the MORAY Inca Lab, it is not considered an Inca Trail and has been replaced by “development” which means cars and roads. It is a short ride with a perfect end, the Sacred Valley Brewery.