Terms and Conditions

Participants responsibilities

Ride participants are responsible for:

  • Having good travel and medical insurance
  • Select a trip according to your style, riding level and fitness
  • Preparing and training for the trip
  • Bring a bike in good shape suited for the riding planned in your trip

Riding requirements

  • Riding safe, walk if necessary when you don`t feel comfortable
  • Being capable of riding switch backs
  • Being capable of braking hard and under control
  • Riding to your own limits
  • Ride confident with exposure

Bike and gear requirements

  • Bring a proper bike in good shape (or RENT A BIKE with Holy Trails)
  • Bringing a proper (or full face) helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, eyewear
  • Have a mechanic go over your bike before the trip
  • Bike should have fresh new brake pads on both brakes
  • Bike should have tubeless system with tubeless liquid on the tire
  • Bring a hydration backpack with a tool kit and carry an extra tube
  • Bike should have fresh new tires. Tire casing similar to Maxxis EXO, Double Down, DH Casing
  • A DH CASING tire on the rear wheel is strongly recommended
  • Carry a wind stopper and a rain jacket

Travel Insurance

Travel medical insurance is a must for all of our trips. Your personal insurance MUST:

a) Cover evacuation and hospital costs while in another country
b) Cover extreme sports and activities

We really encourage you getting an international insurance such as:

a) https://www.bupaglobal.com
b) https://www.coversure.com
c) https://www.assistcard.com

Booking a trip

In order to book a trip, please email us to check availability. Once the availability is confirmed we will ask for a 50% deposit in advance to our bank account. Our banking info is:

Banco de Credito del Peru BCP SWIFT: BCPLPEPL
Jirón Lampa 499, Cercado de Lima 15001
Account: 1932131745186
Holy Trails E.I.R.L.
Av Lizardo Alzamora 497, San Isidro, Lima 15073, Peru

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your reservation and get 100% of your money back within 14 days of booking.

If you cancel your trip and give us a 60-day notice, your deposit will be saved for another trip when being available for any of our trips.

If you cancel within 60 days, the deposit will be forfeited.

If an emergency occurs and you need to leave the trip early, we cannot provide any sort of refund for leaving the trip early. There is no refund for trip interruption.

*Take note that many of our planned trips fill up with anticipation so we can’t afford to be turning people away and then get canceled. Many times hotel reservations, in country flights and other travel arrangements cannot get refunded.

Theft, Loss and Damage

The rider assumes all risk and responsibility (economic) related to the damage or loss of the mountain bike or equipment rented from us, another party or if it’s the riders own bike. This assumption of risk includes damage or loss by theft, transportation, accident, misuse, a natural disaster, or other events that could damage the bike.

We strongly recommend getting personal insurance to cover for your own bikes if it possible.