LIMA Marcahuasi



Marcahuasi is a STONE FOREST located 60 kms away from Lima at 4,000 meters over sea level. The Granite Stone forest is considered one of Peru’s 7 wonders and is known for curious shapes of human faces and animals. It also holds some pre Inca ruins and besides being a god mountain (APU) it is considered an energetical center.

To get to Marcahuasi we need to drive 3:30 hours to San Pedro de CASTA in the province of HUAROCHIRI and take an off road 30 more minutes to get the closest and hike 20-30 min from that point on.


The ride has 2 parts. The first part is from Marcahuasi to Casta town. The second part is the big ride and can go from Casta to Huinco (option 1) of from Casta to Cumpe (option 2). The trail on the first part has been cleaned to fit hikers and horses but is fast and last about 15 minutes.

From Casta to the bottom the riding gets more intense. Both options are serious downhill trails that descend more tan 1000m and 14 kms long. Expect solid rock formations, really flowy parts and of course “don’t look to the right” parts.

↓ 1500M 18 KMS ↑ 100m

PICKUP TIME: 6:30 am




  • Pickup and drop off from your accommodation
  • 4x4 transportation/shuttling for riding
  • Guided ride with an expert guide from Holy Trails
  • Homemade snacks and food on your box lunch
  • Hydration
  • 50+ pictures of the ride
  • Sun screen
  • Mechanical assistance
  • First aid and medical assistance


  • Bike rental Devinci Spartan (can be added for $70)
  • Riding gear (can be added for $10)
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Tips (optional)

Olleros AD ONS

  • Bike Rental $70
  • Accommodation $40- $70 contact us to check options
  • PACHAMANCA Lunch $35


  • Hydration BACKPACK
  • Sunglasses and riding glasses
  • Riding gear (helmet, knee and elbow pads)
  • Replacement parts for your bike (derailleur hanger)
  • Trail or Enduro Bike in good shape
  • Brakes and pads in good shape
  • Some tools
  • Light jacket


1 rider 2 riders 3 riders 4 + riders
$310 $240 $220 $200
Christian Escobar Age: 33

Born in Lima and riding since he is 14 years old. Christian has been a DH racer for many years and has collected some National DH titles. Now he is fascinated with riding long trails that start next to glaciers.

Juan Manuel Saracco Age: 37

“Juancho” started biking only 5 years ago and is totally in love with MTB. He definitely is our guide riding the most kms a year. Juan has a perfect english and loves bike mechanics.

Hans Martin de Rossi Age: 45

Hans is a Pioneer of MTB in Cusco and cofounder of Holy Trails. He lives in our favorite place on earth, The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco. Hans is constantly exploring and riding Paradise. A background in tourism and a fluid english makes him our main man at Cusco.

Diego Sarmiento Age: 36

Diego “Pacifico” is our main man and has been riding since 1996. On 2002 he started Racing Downhill and has collected several national titles. Founded Holy Trails in 2002. Diego has discovered and restored 2 of our secret trails and has been organizing Santisimo Downhill an iconic race for 9 years; also owner and operator of BIKESHOP.