Plan the perfect trip at your preffered dates! Get your close friends closer with a lifetime experience in Peru. Holy Trails started out as private group MTB Adventure operator, private groups are our specialty. We have been traveling and exploring around the country, le tour experience make your custom trip something unique

Why a Private Group?

  • Bring your family
  • Bring your club/group/ local bike Friends
  • Choose an existing itinerary, mix it or get a customized itinerary just for your group
  • Upgrade accomodations
  • Rent a nice house to accomodate just your group
  • Rent a fully catered Villa
  • Add or rest days
  • Lots of OTHER ACTIVITIES to make a custom trip different and enjoy more of Peru
  • Ride trails not offered on advertised itineraries
  • Ride at your group level and pace

Private group pricing

  • 1-2 riders 20% more
  • 3 riders 10% more
  • 4-6 riders same price as advertised
  • 7 + riders 10% off

Pricing for private groups is based on advertised itineraries and prices.

To make this dream trip a reality, please CONTACT US

Christian Escobar Age: 33

Born in Lima and riding since he is 14 years old. Christian has been a DH racer for many years and has collected some National DH titles. Now he is fascinated with riding long trails that start next to glaciers.

Juan Manuel Saracco Age: 37

“Juancho” started biking only 5 years ago and is totally in love with MTB. He definitely is our guide riding the most kms a year. Juan has a perfect english and loves bike mechanics.

Hans Martin de Rossi Age: 45

Hans is a Pioneer of MTB in Cusco and cofounder of Holy Trails. He lives in our favorite place on earth, The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco. Hans is constantly exploring and riding Paradise. A background in tourism and a fluid english makes him our main man at Cusco.

Diego Sarmiento Age: 36

Diego “Pacifico” is our main man and has been riding since 1996. On 2002 he started Racing Downhill and has collected several national titles. Founded Holy Trails in 2002. Diego has discovered and restored 2 of our secret trails and has been organizing Santisimo Downhill an iconic race for 9 years; also owner and operator of BIKESHOP.